Imaginary Meal Plan vs Reality

I had a plan on Friday when I walked into the store. Wait. No, I didn’t. Sigh. We ended up at home with groceries and I am sure I can create meals out of them–but I need time to think. Oh wait, I have served four dinners (and multiple breakfasts and lunches) since shopping and so thinking time should be well past.

Can I recount those instead?

Friday-Specialty-except not because we were out of the special ingredient and had to substitute a variety of canned tomatoes for it. Kids ate and complimented but notably–there are leftovers still.

Saturday-Greek Chicken on pita with feta and hummus, a variety of fresh vegetables. Oh wait. No. That was the imaginary meal. Reality: Chicken Piccata sort of like Elise Bauer’s at Simply Recipes. (except I don’t do capers and fresh parsley? ha. I forgot to put any parsley on it.) Served with leftover fake specialty, green beans dressed up and “salad bar” from the mixed greens, sliced radishes and feta I did have in the house.

Sunday-No idea what I thought to plan but scuttled once we realized that the fried chicken hater would miss dinner. We had the opportunity to try the new sandwich at KFC (imagined during commercials as being a lovely mash up of King’s Hawaiian rolls and chicken) and to get a mini bucket with sides for the family.

Monday-Once again, imaginary meal sounds lovely–if I could remember what I imagined. I think a stir fry with crisp baked tofu I saw in a cookbook. Reality: Grilled cheese with roasted red pepper and the leftover side of choice–fancied up green beans for Mama, coleslaw and mashed potatoes for Denise.

I know mock chicken salad is on the menu this week. I don’t remember what else, but I plan to sort out the fridge and freezer tomorrow and a menu then.

In the meantime, does anyone else ever end up this way? Do you have the imaginary menu and the actual served meals? Why does it happen on your part? Poor planning or unexpected time crunch or just not in the mood?


  1. Hahahaha. During at least one of my past meal planning attempts I used to keep track of what I planned to make and what I actually did make. It was amusing. I’m stick much closer to the meal plan lately though I’ve discovered an issue with meal planning I need to blog about.

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