Cherry Cola Salad

My family instantly suspects things when I announce I plan to make a gelatin salad. I can’t imagine why. Thus, cheers didn’t ring through the household when I announced Cherry Cola Jell-0. Hmph. I have to admit they had a greater amount of curiosity than usual and boy child volunteered assistance.

I ran through my Jell-o cookbooks and my Knox cookbooks. Yes, I have multiples of both. I didn’t want to risk the CREAMY Cherry Cola Mold. Oh noes. Okay–I didn’t have either a full 8 oz of cream cheese or a tub of whipped topic.

That’s ok! In the back of Joys of Jell-0 (an undated REALLY early version)–they very simply explain that any soda can be used in place of liquid in your salad. This is how we ended up making it. It turned out to be very popular–not quite as popular as my famed Red Hot Jello but close.

Cherry Cola Salad

2 3-oz pkgs Cherry Jell-o
2 cups boiling water
1 12-oz can Coca-Cola
1 large can cherry pie filling

Add boiling water to cherry Jell-o. Stir until dissolved. Stir in pie filling and Coca-Cola. Pour into mold sprayed with nonstick spray. Refrigerate until well set.

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