Her First Apple Pie

Or Double Crusted Pie. It came out beautifully–even if my picture did not. RJ used an Epicurious recipe, but has failed to send me the link.

In the meantime, you can read how my experiment with Terra Chip Chicken (Look! No Apples) went on Friday.


  1. Her pie was quite good – and I do not like pie. If there wasn’t cake this morning, I’d be eating the pie for breakfast.

  2. Wow. This is so Yummy. I first tasted apple pie when my mother made us one for my thirteenth birthday. I can’t forget that one. Now it’s too seldom that I eat apple pies here in the Philippines, even though you can find lots of them in cake and pastries shops. Since college I’ve stopped eating sweets and I don’t know why; maybe because my taste buds are really looking for something hot, spicy and sour. hehe;-) I love to eat Italian food and Cebu food. I only eat sweets if, like the one above, these are apple pies, mango floats, and delicious chocolate cakes. ;-))

    I love your blog. I love food blogs. Hope you’ll check my blog too. It’s actually a travel blog, but it also contains some recipes for the food in the Philippines. Cheers!;-)

  3. RJ’s pie looks yummy. Do we see signs of her taking after mom? Tell her I think she did a super job. ~Joy

  4. Joy-
    She’s a better baker than I and far more willing to use a fussy recipe.

    Nonoy-my partner lived in the Philippines and I would love to visit there some day. In the meantime, at least we live near a lot of Filipino restaurants.

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