Food You Dislike

Yesterday I spoke about meal planning with kids. I didn’t share a dirty secret about my meal planning. I often plan meals I do not like or will not or cannot eat.

Fritatta-I liked it at one point. Now I hate it. My mother and Denise both enjoy it quite a bit. It is easy. Veggies. Egg beaters. Cheese. Spices. Oven.

Specialty-family favorite pasta dish. Ready in under 15 minutes. I can’t eat much of it and sometimes none of it.

Chili-again, super fast-nearly everyone will devour it…except me.

Note: all easy dishes likely to illicit no complaint.

Does anyone else serve some meal on a regular basis that they really don’t like or can’t eat?


  1. Nope, but then there are only two of us. Every now and then I’ll make the fake husband a meatloaf, which I really don’t enjoy but he really loves. (I tried to get him to make one while I was at BlogHer Food but he kept getting invited over to people’s places, darn it.)

  2. I made dinner on Saturday when I was sick and didn’t feel like eating it AT all. But we had all the ingredients, so I made it.

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