Menus Week of 10/3

Sunday– Chicken Fried Steak (Prompted children to ask for a combo of my cheese nip chicken and chicken fried steak–will let you know how that turns out)

Caesar Green  Beans (Kids clicked the dislike button–adults loved)
Mashed potatoes w/sour cream and cheese (courtesy of youngest’s newest cooking hero Betty Crocker…we got these at the case lot sale and they were in an anonymous brown cardboard box with just Betty Crocker on the outside and Mashed Potatoes with Cheese and Sour Cream.) I wonder if there are leftovers. I could make potato pancakes with them.

Monday: Hashbrown Casserole
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese
Wed: Catch as Catch Can aka Scrounge

Thu: In and Out for Denise’s Birthday (Come join us! ) Really! If you are in the Bay Area or coming in for BlogHer food–Join in as we do In and Out for the first time.

Fri: BlogHer Food

Sat: BlogHer Food

Sunday: errr ideas anyone? We don’t leave San Francisco until 5:45 pm.


  1. Yummy! I love chicken fried steak.

  2. So does everyone in my house.

  3. Never heard of chicken-fried steak until I moved to Texas. Here they “chicken-fry” almost everything… and I find myself amused by “chicken-fried chicken” although my friends don’t see it as redundant. Haven’t tried chicken-fried bacon yet, but my friends who went to the state fair said “wow!” Be afraid…

  4. Rachel-
    Some call it country fried steak. My partner tends to call it simply “cube steak.”

    Chicken fried chicken makes me giggle too.

  5. Could you make that cheese nip steak thing while I’m out of the country?

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