Solve Your Money Troubles

Home Knitting is the Answer My family teases me because as long as I can remember–ok, ever since I borrowed a key book from the Severna Park, MD library when I was my youngest’s age; (She can’t really be that old, can she?) I have known that money would come when I needed it.

This gets filed by my family and friends as either “Tarrant’s delusions” or “Tarrant magic” or both. In the past it came to buying huge bags of potatoes, onions, and delivering newspapers in Wisconsin winters heavily pregnant and with a newborn. I believe that money finds it way to me through a forgotten pocket, a perfect job, an unexpected check in the mail. It works for me and will work again. Not magic, just a lot of positive thinking.

I am looking for the perfect job–some flexibility, some chances to sparkle and shine, and of course, do what I do best–make online communities and social media gambits shine. While I listen to the river and find the perfect job–my family might be a bit more anxious than usual. If I stop to think about the leap, I might be too. I won’t though because that scares the jobs away.

In the meantime…I learned from the January 1923 issue of Modern Priscilla that “Home Knitting is the Answer to Women’s Money Troubles.” “The best way to untangle a knot is to tackle it fearlessly and without hesitation.” Great advice! While I doubt the Gearheart Knitting Machine company is interested in me knitting stockings for them, it is good to know knitting is the answer to money troubles.


  1. You scared me. Knitting is awesome and I like to watch but it is a very expensive hobby.

    I know, you’re a money magnet.

  2. Knitting is the answer! Read the ad! You have to double click to make it readable since it is quite large.

  3. Knitting is the answer?! I KNEW it!

  4. I knew you would like it!

  5. Even in our darkest financial times, I’ve always held hope that God will provide for us. This has made my husband crazy, and he finds it completely irritating.

    Looking back, I still have no idea how we survived through his medical issues and my high-risk, twin pregnancy both of which had us traveling to Seattle on a weekly basis at times.

    But for the record, I was busy knitting caps for the boys, so knitting must be a secret weapon.

  6. For someone who use to be a ‘knitting fool,’ maybe I should get the ‘ol needles back out and make some extra money….Geesh, who would have thought? My poor knitting paraphernalia…and there is a LOT of it…has been sorely ignored for quite some time. I know you’ll find that ‘perfect situation’ for you TW….you have a lot to offer….have faith. ~Joy

  7. Well, there you go. I can’t knit to save my life. That’s why I’m always broke.

    When you find that perfect job, remember me. I’m fun to work with and together, we could rule the world.

  8. Never say I am always broke. It works better than knitting to solve money troubles.

  9. That looks awesome, i will try it. please do not put this kind of pic, makes me hungry smspizza :)))

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