Don’t Forget!

While the elderly people in your life might forget even what year it is…their caregivers remember for them. This blog is a bit of remembering for my mother.

I remember the recipe for Eggs Benedict with Holiday Sauce and share it with you and my children. My mother probably thinks she remembers but I am not sure. She probably does since it was woven into the years over and over. I know she can’t make it now.

But, I wanted to remind you to nominate a caregiver YOU know for a cruise and a chance for some R & R through the Home Instead Caregiver Hero cruise sweepstakes. The deadline is tomorrow–8/15. Those caregivers are all around us. You have to know someone. You may even be one or have been one. Odds are that most people will be one in their lifetime. Find a moment to comment on these posts and to nominate a caregiver. You’ll be glad you did.

What recipes are you a caretaker for in your family?

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