On BlogHer ’10

I still have a BlogHer hangover-despite hours of sleep yesterday and no alcohol. I admire those bloggers that come home from BlogHer and launch straight into great recaps, picture posting, adding to their feed reader. I am not one of those bloggers. I have a post bubbling out of me at 1 am at the end of day 1 that gets shushed so I get some sleep. By the time I get home that post lost itself in my head.

Last year, BlogHer totally revolved around my keynote, around THE DRESS, and around the overwhelming whirl and twirl. This year, everyone would come up to me and say one of three things:

“I love Denise. Do you know how fantastic she is?” Uh, yeah, that is why I pursued her with intention after wooing her with my incredible Internet Community skills.

“Your daughter! She’s so beautiful, incredible, fabulous, intelligent and poised.” There I am guilty of downplaying all of the above, it seems wrong to say “Why yes, yes, she is!, ” even though well, Rebecca truly does rock. I want to confess that as much as I love every inch of her, inside and out, she still has the human foibles peculiar to girls at her stage in life. Those foibles that can make me want to pull my hair out.

The third thing: “I loved your keynote (dress) last year.” I did too. It definitely goes on the list of most awesome experiences ever.

I missed meeting up with the food bloggers–but I will see bunches of them in October. I went to a number of the job track sessions.  I sat with the schedule and wished for a Hermione type time turner, so I could be in far more sessions at once. That would leave me with more of a hangover though.

The closing keynote rocked my world. Really. When the liveblog is ready-you need to read it, hear it, internalize it. Embrace your power, use it. Have fun with it.


  1. The closing keynote was amazing. And I also wished I could have been in more sessions than one.

    It really was great to meet you. 🙂

  2. Well, those three things that everyone came up to you and said certainly ALL are true….very true. I did happen to see a short video of you and Rebecca dancing your little buns off. Mom and daughter right next to one another…..now THAT was adorable! You both rock! Hugs, Joy

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