Angel Food Cake with Green Grapes

Everyone seems to serve angel food cake with strawberries. I am not a strawberry fan. There…I confessed it. I only like small, homegrown strawberries warm from the sun and very ripe.

I love the fact this version, found taped in the front of an old cookbook uses grapes or blueberries as the topping. The sour cream/brown sugar mixture is a nice change of pace from pudding or whipped cream.

Wash and chill about one pound of seedless green grapes (or blueberries). Mix 2 cups cold sour cream with 1 cup brown sugar. Stir until well dissolved; fold in chilled grapes. Put on top of cake, filling center completely and running down sides decoratively. Serve immediately; cake tastes better when topping is cold.


  1. The grape/sour cream/brown sugar mixture reminds me of the grape salad recipes that are making the rounds in the recipe forums and newsletters. I have not tried it put they seem to have lots of great reviews. I bet it would be tasty on Angel Food cake.

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