“Mike’s Cole Slaw”

Some months ago @nakedjen tweeted me-asking for my address. She had seen two cookbooks and couldn’t resist picking them up for me and sending them to me. I was delighted. The Working Wives (Salaried or Otherwise) Cookbook, 1963, by Theodora Zavin and Freda Stuart showed up at my door along with a dinner party cookbook. This week, we are having meals out of this cookbook-not quite Julie and Julia. (The mess! The weird foods! The rollicking good time and busted grocery budget!) We  have a range from the cookbook on our menus though.

First up-Mike’s Cole Slaw. Named for one of the author’s children? husband? neighbors? I don’t know-I lost track of the men in the story. and told with a story of vanishing slaw. Not one of my children-they didn’t touch the slaw. If it isn’t L.A. Slaw-they aren’t interested.

Like the other recipes, I cheat. I didn’t want to shred the cabbage or the carrots-so I bought the preshredded stuff. I realized it wouldn’t be enough for the 2 lb cabbage and 2 carrots called for in the recipe-so I cut the recipe for the dressing into thirds. I, however, didn’t consider this when portioning the green pepper, so we had a whole, rather lovely green pepper addition to dinner.

The original recipe calls for

2 lb head green cabbage
2 carrots
1 green pepper
3 tablespoons vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups Miracle Whip (a condiment never bought in this house and bought in the smallest jar they had-Miracle Whip is only appropriate for Maryland tomato sandwiches on Wonder Bread-nothing else-except maybe this recipe)

So, the night before, the good Working Wife should shred the cabbage and the carrots and chop the green pepper. Then combine the vinegar, sugar and Miracle Whip together and pour over and toss with the vegetables. We are warned it won’t look like enough dressing but by magic or science the dressing becomes exactly right-and not like that luncheonette version you may have had in the past.

Like I said, I cut the dressing ingredients by 2/3 s and there was more than enough.

How was it? Denise said “It tasted like cole slaw” (and indeed-it did taste very much like what you get if you buy the creamy cole slaw dressing at the store or you get cole slaw while out) I liked the green pepper in it very much.

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