Stuffed Squash

Tonight for dinner we are having stuffed squash. I didn’t know that 40 minutes ago. But I went into the kitchen thinking “I need to actually COOK dinner before people riot.”

Our pantry feels bare-it isn’t really but it feels that way.

I noted that the yellow squash I bought several weeks ago on a sunny spring day unlike today was still not rotted. I knew we had couscous. Cheese! We had to have cheese. We did-and a fine cheese for this last minute supper decision-a log of goat cheese with herbs and garlic.

So…I thought Eureka! Dinner! Ok, I thought I guess I should do something with the squash. Then proceeded to split them lengthwise, boil some water for the couscous, and scoop the seeds from the squash. I tossed the squash in the oven to start baking while the couscous was magically absorbing water. Then I mixed the goat cheese with the couscous. Stuffed the squash. Put them back into the oven until they are just done and the cheese I topped them with bubbled.

Real dinner-real fast. Sometimes I mix some olives in for excitement or sauteed onion, pesto or roasted peppers. It all works.

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