Veggie Veggie Veggie and Lasagna Questions

Tonight we had veggie burgers for dinner. Boring, plain old, veggie burgers. Yes, we had some veggies on them and I did serve my mother’s with a veggie on the side.

Tomorrow, we will have veggie lasagna. I am going to use soy crumbles in place of ground beef in an old traditional recipe for lasagna. I am also going to throw the summer squash inside.

Now the question is…should I saute the squash first…and do I make noodles on the side for the picky eater who has an aversion to lasagna? Or should I trick her with lasagna roll ups? (Please say no…I don’t like pre-cooking noodles which is required if I do roll ups.)


  1. I think Morningstar Farms Better than Burgers,I believe they are caled are very good.They are very meat-like and like all burgers,benefit from lettuce,tomato,pickle,good bread.
    Being Italian American,I do not like the no boil lasagna noodles.They take on the red color of the sauce and the whole texture is weird.I always use homemade tomato sauce made from canned crushed tomatoes.I find all the jar sauces terrible,too much sugar and salt,weird little pieces of herbs.

  2. Noodles on the side, noodles on the side! No roll-ups….noodles on the side. Yum! Wait, I’m not a picky eater. I’m just a little hungry…I need to go to bed now. ~Joy xo

  3. uhhm actually i don’t really know. I just thought I can find a recipe for veggie burger here. =) do you think you can help me?

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