I have been flipping through some “Modern” housewife type books off and on lately. They intrigue me. What more could I want than a happy family and a clean home? I sit here-having served my mother Easter leftovers and broccoli for dinner. I have yet to scrounge anything for myself. Denise asked what happened to my planning of meals and follow through. I suppose that was a not so subtle hint that somewhere between my perfect housewife dreams and my current reality-I have failed.

It isn’t just because of the new baby in the house. She is a mess maker to be sure-there is bedding and timothy hay spread from one end of the house to the other. Somehow during the fall and winter-my schedule went wild and I have failed to control it. Yes, I could count up the list-Mama, trips, grief, snow, long hours at work. None of that really explains the winter hibernation. I wish I could say winter was over, but it is to snow again tonight. The new baby makes me laugh though and I had forgotten it…it sort of startled me when I held her and giggled.

Spring is a good thing and I will make it a good thing. I need clean house of bad habits and get my day organized again. I am happier with an organized day. I won’t ever make a perfect housewife-but of course I am not a wife nor does anyone in this house expect me to provide their happiness. Ok…maybe Wilma…but we are a bit symbiotic that way.

In the meantime-anyone want to come sweep some hay for me?


  1. Hey, I was just at Wilma’s new site….did she type everything by herself? I see by the picture above, she was hard at work getting her posts ready. I had no idea prairie dogs were so talented. Thank God she has you and Denise right there in case she runs into any technical problems. Denise has saved me many hours of stress with her expertise. Hugs to Wilma….and to you.
    ~Joy xo

  2. She has help though she is practicing her typing regularly.

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