Meat Out Monday

So, there is an official site for Meat Out Mondays…but that isn’t why today is a meat out Monday. The Great American Meat Out Day is coming on March 20! You can even get free meatless products to celebrate-hurry if you want to get them by hosting a Great American Meat Out Event. If you aren’t sure about going quite that far- you might want to consider just attending an event.

I encourage you to take a look even if you haven’t had a meatless meal in months. If you are a lapsed vegetarian, a flexitarian, or a vegetarian–even better. To all the vegans who read my blog anyway-hey, you will really like these folks.

I confess we are way lapsed vegetarians and really every time I think vegan-I cringe-even though I thought it while touring an absolutely beautiful dairy operation where the cows were treated like queens-at least in public. I do like cheese and eggs and cooking without them feels too challenging.

I choose a veggie diet because touching meat gives me heebie jeebies. I choose it because I tend to make healthier choices when sticking to it. I choose it because the foods have an amazing ability to transform and make me smile.

I am not a vegetarian or vegan for compassionate reasons. I can’t even get into it for health reasons. I tend to think fuzzy math when we get into save the planet or feed the hungry. That might work for you. I know the meat out organizers espouse those ideas.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter in the end why I choose not to eat meat on any day or why someone else chooses a completely vegan lifestyle from shoes to snack time. I encourage all of you to support the meat out though and think about your food and the ways in which meat free meals can make you think of veggies as more than a supporting role.

(Totally non sponsored ramble about the Great American Meat Out which turns 25 this year) .


  1. Well put! I feel the same. Have new challenges for the next few months as grown kids fall on hard times and have moved back home…so I’m out here looking for recipes that stretch and are inexpensive to fix – oh, and that will be eaten and not just turn into the left overs only I eat day after day! “Home” has been largely meatless over the past year or so but with all these new mouths and extreme meat sale wars going on….well, the Meat-Out this month will provide an opportunity for us all to come together on the issue. I’m going to use your comments as an intro to the subject. Thanks!

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