Guess What! I am a Star

I am a star-sort of at least. Remember when I posted that Funeral Potatoes with Ham Recipe? Yes, a long time ago…but it was good and I liked it a lot! I seem to remember a bunch of you commented on it too.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would mind if BlogHer syndicated it on their site. Of course I said yes…and now there it is…You can even see me on the front page of BlogHer if you rush over. Yes! Just like a real grown up CE! (but not-just a syndicated post)

So, if you missed it or want to give me some moral support-go over and comment Funeral Potatoes with Ham

In the meantime, tonight we are having pesto couscous stuffed portobello mushrooms for dinner.

I made a nifty mushroom sandwich on Friday night for dinner-I took the butter fried mushroom idea from the Mushroom Club, toasted some bread, added some muffalletta olive salad and an avocado to it.


  1. I think you deserve to be a star, and so do Funeral Potatoes and Ham (one of my favorite childhood recipes!)

  2. The funny thing is that I was asked to make 8 pans of this for a church brunch this Sunday! I suspect I am using the pre-healthy recipe, which calls for 1 package of frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed, and condensed soup instead of the white sauce.

  3. I just read the post about the cholesterol and will be rooting for you…two more months left, right?

  4. I saw that recipe on BlogHer yesterday 🙂 I didn’t comment (dunno why) but I remember someone sending a dish very similar to that when my grandmother died. I don’t remember if it was good, I just remember eating it. Congratulations on your star power, you are much adored!

  5. I saw you on Twitter via Momspot and thought I’d say hello. I’m such a newbie my head is spinning, just a twit for a day. Congratulations on the BlogHer post. I like your site; it’s a good take on a familiar look.

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