Life Gets That Way

I know, I said more posts in the new year. I am working on that really. Like yesterday, I got my very own computer to type them on. And we got a printer with a SCANNER on Saturday. So, more pictures for you photo obsessed folk.

But yesterday, I burned a quiche because our oven will broil but not light. The night before I was super sick and Denise picked up dinner at the Dominicks. The day before, that was kid day, commissary day and sub night. The day before Pizza night. The day before um I don’t remember OHHHHHHHH Pasta bar night. I wrote about that over on the Blogher Loving Food and Sharing Recipes Group.

Other craziness going on but that is the sum of it.

Tonight, update on the cholesterol effort: I made steamed broccoli and cauliflower and a mix of brown rice and white rice in the rice steamer I got for Christmas. I grilled tofu (for the first time!) on the indoor grill. It was pretty tasty (especially with that Fiesta Lime Mrs Dash I got at the commissary-who knew there was such yumminess in the no salt section?).

Yes, I have eaten a hamburger happy meal twice in the past four days. (Woo hoo Eleanor the Chippette and “It’s so beautiful” adds a new level to my ability to annoy my family.) But I have also eaten some pretty healthy foods.


  1. Hey, I like Eleanor. “It’s so beautiful!” Mantra for 2010.

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