Today is the first Monday of January-this is usually a rough month for me-my father died suddenly on January 5, 1996…heart attack…63, grandfather to my two babies and my sister’s two school aged children.

My (now ex) husband was away at the same conference he is at on this very day. (I know this because I had kids on a Monday not a Tuesday night for dinner this week.) I spent that day trying to track him down-not as easy as it would be today when a text would have him in moments. I wrangled an infant and a toddler through Sears to find an outfit to wear to the funeral. That seemed better than reflecting on the fact that the night before I had seen a tv sit-com/dramedy type of show about the space program that he would love the night before at 1 am while I tried to fall asleep. I didn’t brood on the fact that I wasn’t sure how we could get plane tickets home. We were broke. Really broke…but I land on my feet. I always do.

But Mondays and Januaries are all about new starts and new goals and beginnings. This year I have once again bought myself time-you see-my cholesterol has been high since oh let’s just say-the first time it was brought to my attention-the 16 yo was just over 1. Bits, pieces and begs have bought me time without meds. I don’t know why but cholesterol meds scare the hell out of me. Yeah, I will swallow a horrid dose of immune suppression medication without a qualm, but cholesterol meds-I will just exercise and eat better. And while my number has never been the horrific 500+ it was when I had a one year old again. It has hovered around 200 for years though. Each year I sweet talk a doctor into extenuating circumstances and they give me a year. This year-my check up was in December-months late. (busy you know) I got a not-so-sweet January email saying meds. In tiny print it seemed (though actually the same type as the rest of the email) there was a caveat “are you really going to get serious about diet and exercise?” I really want to put you on this med today because of your history. I waffled for a week. Wedding! Vacation. Waffle House!

I replied today. Give me three months. I am going to be serious. It isn’t the meat really! It is the cheese. I left out the part where my mother sent 50 lbs of cheese for Christmas. My triglycerides were great and so was my “good cholesterol.” Still my total cholesterol was a nasty 240.

So, I will be tweaking recipes to be lower cholesterol and exercising more. I have three months. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I know things like this can be very hard. My brother in law got his cholesterol tested for life insurance when he was 25 and it was over 300. He had to be put on meds and change his whole diet. He struggled, but in a little over a year he had it figured out. I’m rooting for you!

  3. I’m rooting for you, too! My Honey’s was through the roof (it was the cheese and butter) but we’ve been able to adapt the vintage recipes to be more “cholesterol-reducing friendly.”

  4. Good luck. You can do it. And cheerios really do help.

  5. Oh TW….from one who is always working on dieting and has been doing a shitty job lately….I wish you so much luck. I play Russian Roulette with my Dr. visits all the time. I have two months before I go back…and I’ve got to get serious too. My birthday is in four days…the kids are taking me out. I always have some excuse to delay focusing on it. I was doing great…now….not so great. You can do it sweetie……so can I. Good Luck. Hugs, Joy

  6. Joy-shall I give my professional speech on occasions? Or should I just say maybe we should get serious together about this issue? I mean we pass your house several times each week.

  7. It’s 11:45 PM. I just ate some chocolate….I think I may need your speech…and then some…..Oh Poop! ~Joy xo

  8. P.S. Does it count if I’m celebrating my birthday? Oh Poop! ~Joy xo

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