New Year’s Intentions

I always start with good intentions. Of course the road…

Anyhow-I do intend on a lot of things this year. Santa didn’t bring me a scanner so I will have to work toward meeting a more scans of cool old recipes goal.

He didn’t bring me a blog redesign either-but I do intend on getting that done by Sock Day. This blog needs to enter the new age of web design. Really. The slow loading and rotting ie look and not much better firefox look-pathetic.

I do intend on posting more recipes and more interesting family stuff. Y’all nag me about that will you?

I would like to share YOUR favorite old recipes and scans of them-so if you want to email them to me-go for it.

Anyhow, there is a handful of New Year’s Intentions. Add in exercise more and figure out the road to good health around this house and you have it made.

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