Peanut Butter Dip and Holiday Recipe Requests

For the past few years I have posted a lot of cookie recipes in December. I thought I would do that again this year, but I wonder…doesn’t everyone HAVE all the cookie recipes they need in a lifetime? Or would you like more? Do you make the same cookies each year? No cookies? Do you have a recipe you really want to find again? Can I play matchmaker of holiday recipes of yesteryear?

Also, Chelle wrote to me way back in June looking for a family favorite and I haven’t found just the right thing yet. Maybe one of my other readers can help:

When I was a kid, my late grandma made a peanut dip for the holidays that was delicious. I think the main ingredient was peanut butter, and it may have had some onion in it. It was crunchy, salty and sweet and she always served it with Triscuit crackers. I never thought to ask for the recipe while she was alive, and none of the other women in my family have the recipe.

Could it be something like this? Peanut Butter Onion Dip or this Peanut Butter Cheese Dip?


  1. One thing I like is sweetened peanut butter (like Jif or Skippy) mixed with just enough horseradish (not horseradish sauce) to give it a zing. This is really good on Triscuits.

    Also, somewhere in my recipes I have an authentic peanut sauce/dip recipe. Similar ones can be found on line.

  2. PS – as for cookie recipes, I think I have enough. But one never knows. lol

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