Happy Thanksgiving (and Pie Disaster)

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving day here and I hope it has been at your house too. We had a day full of tradition, love and laughter and togetherness. We missed the grown up or think they are grown up kids but it was so fabulous to have the little (but not so little anymore) kids home for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving meal prep started last night with a bit of a disaster:

I am clumsy and messy in the kitchen and on a (temporary) new med that makes me shakier than usual. The pie flipped as I pulled it out. Unrecoverable. I mildly swore. Denise grabbed a picture. I grabbed a spoon to scrape the pie back into the pie plate on its way to the trash. We both laughed-a lot.

I had extra ingredients. Denise always needs a pumpkin pie or two extra as long as I will make them. So, after an overnight oven cleaning, (which really was sort of a bonus!) we started over with the pie.

Joseph helped make the pumpkin pie. Liz made cranberry bread. RJ helped with the Witchy Pooh cake and the red hot Jell-o. I remembered the stuffing this year. The biscuits that RJ helped with came out this year too. Two kinds of cranberry sauce, turkey, green bean casserole and of course, sweet potatoes with marshmallows rounded out the meal.


  1. Oops! That looks like one large pie.

    Please thank Denise for taking the pic. I noticed you don’t like photos on your blog.

    I made your cheese straws, from the recipe on your biz card. My dough didn’t turn out right. It was too crumbly to roll out. I did it all by hand and am wondering if a food processor would have helped….

  2. Not the pie! Anything but the pie!

    At least Denise was on hand to catch a photo. Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh dear. But, as long as you weren’t burned, that is the main thing.

  4. Oh my that pie really did go splat! My poor Mom had another stroke and is in the hospital so our Thanksgiving was low key.

  5. Linda-I am really horrible at pictures and don’t generally like to look at food-weird I know.

    I have never made the cheese straws with a food processer. Did you soften the butter ahead of time? It tends to be a bit crumbly-but if it is too crumbly add a bit more butter.

    Oh no Rochelle, my mom had a rough day today, but strokes really are hard. I hope she is on the mend.

  6. Ha! My mom made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving this year and the same thing happened to her. Must have been the year for slipped pies!

  7. This was not a good year for pie! I was just talking to a friend this evening who had the very same experience! My mishap was with a beautiful cherry pie that my sister had slaved over and decorated with crust cut-outs. It was on a folding table in the entry cooling, and she nudged the table and it landed up-side-down with glass pie plate shards in it on the carpet. Very sad. (We ran out for more cherries and started again, but the 2nd one wasn’t as pretty.)

  8. bummer about the pie.

    but “red hot jello”? what is that?

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