Ham Salad

I made ham salad (along with ham mac and cheese-which I liked-but the kids didn’t) tonight as I made dinner. I remember loving ham salad as a kid but I hadn’t had a way to make it. But, we had a lot leftover ham-we bought a big ham on sale last week-had it for dinner Tuesday night. I served leftovers to Mama for lunch and dinner yesterday. Then tonight in the mac cheese-then made the ham salad.

Here is how-
Chopped/ground the ham in the Cuisinart chopper/grinder thing. It came out very fine. Then chopped a stalk of celery and an onion in there as well. Mixed with mayonnaise, relish. I may add a bit of mustard and more mayo in the morning. Perhaps a bit of Worcestershire sauce. We will see.


  1. I haven’t had ham salad in years. I remember my mom making it in the meat grinder.

  2. This was another of my grandmother’s “specialties”. We always tried to find someplace else to eat when she got the meat grinder out.

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