Beach Boy Punch

The oldest daughter up and got married last spring. Then she moved to Hawaii! That is pretty far away and we miss her. We also are unmoved by her grumbles when it rains and she has “bad weather.” Hello child. Your moms live in Illinois. A little rain and 75? Oh well.

I thought of her though when I saw this recipe–even though I can’t imagine what is “Beach Boy” about it. It sounds just like the Cranberry Holiday punch my mother served to “the kids” and the church ladies when I was a child. She threw some fresh oranges on top and froze some oranges and cranberries in the ice ring though.

Beach Boy Punch

Mix 1 quart cranberry juice, juice of two lemons, and 1 pint orange juice; pour into punch bowl over cake of ice. Add two quarts chilled ginger ale. Makes about 4 quarts.

Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cookbook, 1959


  1. The punch ounds wonderful.

    Maybe your daughter is secretly homesick? lol

  2. That punch sounds pretty good.

    As does living in Hawaii. 🙂

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