Speaking of Sweet Potatoes

My mother was asking what I was blogging this week. Oh, Thanksgiving stuff, I told her. She started rambling, bless her heart.

Here is the contents of her ramble:

Tell them when they make their ambrosia for Thanksgiving, because many people do, that they should cut the oranges in half to do it and hollow them out. (Me: We don’t make ambrosia. We make some fluff thing.) Then save the shells for mashed sweet potatoes. Mash your sweet potatoes with a little orange juice and fill the orange shells. Then you have individual servings and it looks so pretty.

So, while my family would rather die than eat mashed sweet potatoes and definitely not mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice, keep it in mind. She is right. It is a nice serving suggestion.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Please tell your mom “thank you”.

  2. First, don’t start saying “bless her heart” when talking about your mother. That’s the kind of thing that catches on and I don’t think we want that.

    Next, heck no. Too much work. I don’t need my food to look pretty.

    Also, you’re right. I don’t want mashed sweet potatoes but if we’re going to have them then they shouldn’t be anywhere near oranges or orange juice. OJ is the work of the devil.

  3. My kids and I love the way my mom cooks sweet potatoes. She melts together alot of butter and brown sugar, pours it over the cooked and cubed sweet potatoes in a shallow baking dish and bakes them for a long time until they turn into dark bits of sweet potato candy. Every year my mom says “Oh no I overcooked the sweet potatoes. They’ve turned into rocks.” No mom, they’re perfect.

  4. That sounds really good Dee. I may have to try that.

  5. I will do! She will be pleased to hear it!

  6. I do mashed sweet potatoes at Christmas. With orange zest, honey and ginger.

    Is ambrosia a Thanksgiving thing? It seems…more summery.

  7. Uh, maybe you are thinking of another Ambrosia? Oranges are in season in winter. Coconut on sale in winter.

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