Haldechick’s Chex Mix

Once upon a time I didn’t know @Haldechick. Denise read her blog. They had figured out we lived in the same town and commented on each others blogs. Nothing compelling I thought-kind of a hippy/hipster geek knitter Unitarian book lover. I read a post here and there. I didn’t pay attention.

Then came the fateful day I came upon a pair of socks.(Follow with me-it does get back to food) That day was March 8, 2007. How do I know what day I came upon a pair of socks? I saved it to the Extravagant Gift List that year. Look! Space Invaders Socks.

So gifted-Denise said something along the lines of “Hey, those are cool.” At which point I was struck by that madness that periodically strikes me and I decide that I can knit them. I declare such. Denise looked at me skeptically, no doubt. You see. I didn’t know how to knit.

My love wants socks. I shall make her socks! In time for sock day! Oh wait-sock day is April 12. I have just over a month to learn to knit and knit a pair of socks-not just any socks but Space Invaders socks. No problem. I can be dense sometimes about how good I am at learning stuff.

Denise suggested I ask her mother about making them. Her mother didn’t know about sock knitting and doubted my ability to pick up knitting that fast and suggested I give Denise a scarf. No. I want to make socks. Denise suggested I talk to Lorena about it. Lorena WHO? Haldechick. Or Sharon. Who?

We went to Michael’s. I bought some aluminum needles and sport weight blue yarn as well as the Stitch and Bitch book to learn with. The next day we went to my first stitch-y bitchy meeting at the used book store. People were nice. Really nice. I made a lot of rat hammocks. We had a rat at the time-Elvis. I eventually made a pair of socks-still haven’t learned how to make space invader socks though. More importantly we made friends.

One of those was Haldechick. Lorena. She is a sucker for my shortbread. She also rescued my knitting more times than you can imagine. We were pretty heartbroken when we moved-and even now-about leaving the “LYS ladies” in Gainesville. Really. It ranks up there above weather and below missing the big kids. She came and intro’d me to a new yarn store up here after we moved. (and to alpaca…)

Then last Christmas, we got a box. Yay! Yarn store box. Yay! Soap! (Lorena makes fab soap. Like snickerdoodle, fresh baked bread, and just for me sandalwood vanilla-though I am still after her for a sandalwood cedar juniper type soap)

And…Chex Mix. Hmmm. Ok. I had heard whispers about it. But…how good could a Chex Mix be? And nuts! Nuts are on my owie tummy list. Um yeah, well, about that. Denise however is a Chex Mix fan of sorts. And really, any food we don’t have to make and can eat immediately gets consumed. This is why every year after BlogHer our diet relies heavily on that year’s swag. (Yes, I am a food blogger but uh there are days and even weeks where I don’t actually cook-especially before my mother moved in) It was really prettily packaged Chex Mix and so FRIENDLY to send Chex Mix. We were sort of excited in spite of ourselves. (and really downright touched and giddy) But we put it down and I stuck the extra bars of soap in my drawer and one in the shower. Some time later it was opened. And fought over and eaten.

This was THE BEST CHEX MIX EVER. How could that be? Were we that homesick? (maybe but no) It just IS the best Chex Mix ever. Really. Even if you don’t do nuts. Or Chex Mix. Or you believe Chex Mix is that weird stuff that comes prepacked in shiny plastic bags in the store. (That in hardly any way resembles this)

Ok…so @haldechick has posted the recipe (and apparently did before) for Lorena’s Chex Mix. Make it. Really. Yes, I see. 10 Sticks of Real Butter. It is worth it.


  1. Make it people! Really!

  2. LOL Sharon. I think I said that. I maybe should have said Make it people and here is my address. Ship me vast quantities because I posted a link to something way better than asparagus jello.

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