Orange-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

No one gets excited about sweet potatoes in my house. Darn them. I keep trying. This however is a tasty choice in my opinion-though do cut down on the corn syrup and add more orange juice (1/4 cup is good). You just don’t need that much corn syrup!

Orange-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

6 medium sweet potatoes
3/4 cup boiling water
3 tablespoons butter or margarine

1/2 tablespoon grated orange peel
1 tablespoon orange juice
3/4 cup light or dark corn syrup
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 or 4 orange slices, cut in half

Pare and halve sweet potatoes. Add boiling water and salt. Simmer in covered skillet until tender, about 15 minutes. Drain off liquid, leaving 1/4 cup in skillet. Dot potatoes with butter. Combine remaining ingredients. Add to potatoes.

Cook uncovered over low heat until glazed, about 15 minutes-baste frequently, turn potatoes once. Makes 6 servings.

Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book, 1959


  1. These sound wonderful!

  2. You did a great job and your hard work will pay off., I can’t wait to make this! What a great, healthy choice for us .Thanks for sharing your talents..

  3. Awwww, sweet potatoes are one of life’s delights! I totally agree with you about the corn syrup: far too much in that recipe!

  4. Come live with me Richard! I need a sweet potato eater and Christmas Tree Sandwich experimenter in this house!

  5. I am also a big time sweet potato eater. Love them baked, mashed and as fries.

    Do you think your family will like them as fries? Who can resist any type of potato fried in oil.

  6. Linda-
    Sweet potato fries are actually the one exception to the ewww gross sweet potato rule.

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