Cream Cheese Raisin Sandwich Filling

I bought off brand oat o type cereal a few weeks ago. The box got left on the counter. On the back it has a recipe using the cereal and the intro says “Everyone loves raisins.” I snickered when I saw it but said nothing. Girl child saw it later in the week and said “Wait a minute. This box is CRAZY. Everyone doesn’t love raisins. I don’t even really LIKE raisins, much less love them” Apparently she doesn’t remember that she was the child that I bought countless boxes of raisins for when she was small.

I also made her a sandwich filling like this that I would serve on whole wheat bread with a side of carrots or a salad when she was small. I find though that with today’s raisins-moister than the ones of yesteryear-you really don’t need to soak them before making this spread-unless yours have dried up or you buy them at a natural foods store, where I feel like they are a bit dryer. This spread goes equally well on crackers, bagels, rice cakes and celery. You can add a bit of cinnamon to jazz it up if you like.

From the Sandwich and Party Snack Cookbook, 1964

Cream Cheese-Raisin Sandwich Filling

1/2 cup seedless raisins
1/2 cup water
1 3 oz package cream cheese
4 teaspoons milk

Soak raisins in water for 30 minutes. (warm works best-or zap in microwave for a minute) Pour liquid off. Combine cream cheese and milk until soft. Add raisins and mix well. Makes 7/8 cup or filling for 4 sandwiches.



    Oh, I’m sorry, was that rude? Probably. But I really, REALLY hate raisins. Altho, after reading this, I do remember eating them from the little boxes as a child. I think I just liked the cute little boxes.

    Today, however, nary a raisin will cross my lips. Not in cookies, cakes, or spreads.

    I bet my mom would like this. I’m sending her the link!

  2. I’ve had something similar. Not my favorite. I do like raisins in small doses.

  3. I love raisins!

    But I don’t love this recipe. There’s something about the texture combination of raisins and cream cheese that’s just… wrong.

  4. LOL Richard. Cream cheese and raisins go together. However, I did notice that there is something a bit different about the cream cheese in England. So maybe that is it?

    JD-No raisins in cakes or cookies? Wow, you are a hard core raisin hater! Ok, well when you make my pumpkin cake leave the raisins out. Though I have been wondering what it might be like with apricots instead…my family would kill me if I changed it.

    Packrat-I tend to agree-not my favorite but not horrid.

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