Cold Retro Hors D’Oeuvres

I just warned Denise that tonight’s dinner may be one of the few I actually cook this week. The week ahead looks busy and unlike one conducive to cooking. I didn’t cook much (err maybe not at all) the week before either. Now if it was up to me-we could just live on sandwiches for the most part. Unfortunately, while my family likes a sandwich or two each week…it won’t work daily.

But, I did grab the Sandwich and Party Snack Cookbook, 1964, off the shelf to cruise for some sandwich ideas for what we have on hand. I got distracted though by…Cold Hors D’oeuvres. Why? Because the names sound like something that would go over well at our house. The reality though…not so much. Especially the second one for Salty Radishes. Sorry, no salty radishes made with anchovies here. I just will continue to slice and salt them with the shaker for serving to the radish lover. Or I can get all romantic and make some radish roses and flowers and THEN salt them.

The benefits to these two dishes though? No cooking. Perfect for taking to a pot luck or cocktail party or where ever your end of year gatherings have you making something that looks like a fuss but took 5 minutes.

Raw Stuffed Mushrooms

Buy tiny white mushrooms. Remove the stems, reserving them for soups and gravies. (THRIFTY! I have been tossing portabello stems for years and resent paying for mushrooms by the pound for this reason. Now that is a great idea!) Soften cream cheese at room temperature or by adding a little milk. Combine with curry powder to taste and use to stuff mushroom crowns. Or soften the cream cheese with a little sherry wine and use to stuff the mushroom crowns. (mmmm nice compliment to a beef dish or mushroom soup)

Salty Radishes

Wash radishes and trim away large green leaves leaving a few of the more tender green leaves on. Wrap a flat filet of anchovy around each one and fasten with half a pick. Serve cold.


  1. Wow I bet the radishes would be very strong flavored with nothing to really cut the powerful anchovy taste. I never cared for radishes until I grew some, they are so good fresh from the garden.

  2. I’m a sucker for mushrooms. I try not to eat them all during the prep. Ooops. Stuffed is my fav, but never heard of raw stuffed. Interesting indeed!

  3. Right-you don’t come across too many raw stuffed mushrooms but they turn out well-though it is a different flavor altogether. The texture is chunkier and really sort of refreshing.

    Radishes-my partner is a big fan of the radish-fresh from the garden or just the normal type. She eats them straight up.

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