Of Cake Wrecks and Birthday Girls

My 13 yo 14 yo (ok…she will be 14 in a day) has a thing for vampires.  She is after all…the AGE. So we have gone through Twilight, through Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Academy, classic vampire fiction, and  through a number of the sketchy genre called paranormal romances. Yes, we. You see, I have this annoying habit of taking an interest in what my children enjoy. It has given me hours of Runescape joy, Animorphs pain, too much knowledge of Neopets, Jelly Car, Pirates, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and now vampires. (Not all the same children-though some overlap)

On September 22nd I sent the girl child this Cake Wreck

Twilight Cake Wreck

She emailed back and said OMG, I want that EXACT cake for my birthday.  I emailed back with “uh, you know it is a cake wreck right?” She wrote back with “What is a cake wreck?” Whereupon I emailed her and said she really should spend more time shoulder surfing with her siblings. (who are very into the joys of the cake wreck) In any case, she still wanted it for her birthday.

Last week, I said to Denise: We need to order that cake wreck for RJ’s birthday. “What cake wreck? Why?” “You know that one she wants for her birthday.” (Forgetting like the children that we do not share a brain.) So I sent her the picture thinking no problem. You probably can order ice cream cakes online for Twilight and be done with it. Fortunately, Denise didn’t think so and looked into it. Apparently the Twilight cakes are hard to get. She special ordered the printed sugar plastic thingy thinking ok, we will do it ourselves. It came in the mail. Then commenced the hunt for the cake.  Hunt was right. Apparently, sheet ice cream cakes are out of vogue. Four ice cream places scouted-no sheet cakes-all round. Finally, Jewel Osco had some rectangular ones but they were too small. Oh well. We will trim and fit.

Yesterday Denise did just that–but she definitely is not a cake decorator. So, there was a cake wreck of a cake wreck:
RJBday 027

It was even better once children decided where to put candles…yeah…well…they are unusual children. Birthday girl loved it. Denise saved the day with her cake wreck and careful work of love.


  1. do you know how much i love the whole lot of you for this cake? i don’t even understand the twilight series or the current muse with vampires. but the fact that you went to such extraordinary measures to make RJ’s cake wishes come true and in such true cake wreck fashion gets all my adoration and then some.

    well done, everyone! really. and happiest birthday to RJ. may this year be filled with all kinds of lovely and beautiful things.

  2. Your Twilight cake is simply… astonishing! Love it!

    Can’t believe sheet ice cream cake is out of fashion! That’s just really weird.

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