My family has a love/hate relationship with chili. Sometimes they will eat it…sometimes not. I was not a chili fan as a child. I am not as an adult-except that it is so easy, cheap and nutritious. I have found offering tortillas with my chili and turning it into chili burritos satisfies the non chili lovers in my family. No idea why that is different than a bowl of chili but whatever. Over fritos or tortilla chips also makes it a well loved item at my house.

Here is how I make it and the purists can shudder.

2-4 cans red beans (err kidney beans)
1 can tomatoes-with juice
1 bag soy crumbles
1 bag of the Six Gun Chili Mixins (it is a brown bag-and never in the same place in two different grocery stores-hunt it out)

Throw all together in a saucepan and heat until heated through or pop in the crockpot (though add a can of water if you do this and will be letting it perk all day. Serve with sour cream, onions (if worth cutting up for your family) and shredded cheese. Lettuce too if you go the burrito route.


  1. Soy crumbles. Is that a meat substitute?

  2. I hated chili as a kid, mostly because I hated kidney beans. I don’t really hate them anymore but there aren’t on top of my list of beans I like to use. I use black beans in my chili instead. The fake husband thought it was weird…until he ate it. He’s decided it’s yummy.

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