Seed catalogs

I still have the progressing cold. Unfortunately. I fed mama zapped pattypan squash sprinkled with oregano and frozen lasagna for dinner. The rest will have to fend for themselves.

In the meantime, in a topic closely related to food, I did see this nifty old Seed Catalogs site from the Smithsonian. (one of my favorite places in the world. Maybe my favorite)


  1. Hi there! To serve your retro foods, do you use any of the vintage or just plain old kitchenware like Pyrex, Fire King or Corning Ware?

  2. I have a thing for retro dishes – kitchen gidgets – serving ware. My fav thing I own is an old set of glass refrigerator boxes from the days before plastic storage containers.

    I could live at the Smithsonian. Dan Brown’s new book – Lost Symbol – has a intersting comment about the statue of Washington which made me laugh only because that is where Pop says your final binky came to rest – on Washington’s upraised finger.

  3. Linda,
    No retro dishes really. Most meals served on my Shadow Iris Corelle dishes that my dad gave me for my 16th birthday and the Corelle @dtanton brought to the relationship, supplemented with a few white plates from Wal-mart. I do have good china…but it gets too little use.

    I have a few really old Corning casserole dishes.

  4. Those Shadow Iris plates will be retro and collector pieces one day! Save it for your daughter. : )

    I’m just starting a small collection of golden butterflies and am on the hunt for woodland dishes.

  5. LOL Linda-the way my family has a habit of breaking Corelle…I doubt any of it will make it to the younger kids adulthood.

    I chase the woodland myself…mushrooms you know.

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