Fried Bologna

Ooo Bologna is the new Bacon says Slashfood! Now this is based on the fact that Hardee’s has a new fried bologna biscuit on their breakfast menu and there is talk of artisanal bacon elsewhere in the post. hmm. Now, I know about fried bologna. Mama made many a breakfasts with fried bologna. And I liked it…sometimes…particularly when she bought the artisan bologna of the time…Oscar Mayer.

Last year, youngest child went through a bologna phase. It didn’t last long. I didn’t get too creative with the bologna. She was happy with her own creations.

But…I did fry some up one morning. Grease your skillet. Add slices of bologna. When they puff and brown on one side, flip to the other side. All done. Now serve with some eggs or slid between some white bread with a bit of mustard. (though if you are going to do that…melt some American cheese on top of the bologna while cooking the second side.


  1. I haven’t had fried bologna since I was in high school – like over 35 years ago. Can’t say I’ve missed it.

  2. I love fried bologna!

    I’ll never forget the first time I had it — my mom and I were helping neighbors with a garage sale, and the neighbor made it for lunch for the kids.

    I still eat it every now and then, using one of two preparations:

    On white bread, with butter and ketchup


    On toast, with American cheese.

    And I always cut slits into the slice so it doesn’t puff up.

  3. Over here in the UK, the mind boggles again!
    Fried Bologna, is that like some kind of sausage?

  4. Bologna is a sausage-somewhat similar to Mortadella, very mild…except no visible fat. It can be beef, pork, turkey, or chicken-or some combo. It is most often sold in slices.

  5. I like the whole puffing up of the bologna in the center so can’t bring myself to slit the middle. This means I end up patting it down at some point to get it to brown properly.

  6. I’ve always been a bologna lover… time it got the spotlight for once!
    We used to have athese fried bologna, cheese pocket type things at our school. YUM!

  7. Fried Bologna. Hmmmmmm – made some this past weekend for Papa. Not did Mama make this alot for you – so did I. It was one of the instant premicrowave era meals that I could get the family to eat when Mama was boycotting food.

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