Crock Pickles

Last week I made pickles. I have done this before. I have even used the recipe I used before. This time they didn’t turn out well. The cucumbers were sliced too thin. The acid too high for the thinness. I was being lazy in using the crock method. I didn’t have jars or nearly the time to pickle properly. Yes, something I should have considered before buying the box of pickling cucumbers but they were a good deal. Or were…until I messed them up. They lay in wait in the fridge while I consider whether there is something to rescue them, but I think not.

That doesn’t mean that Stocking Up, my not retro but 1990s preserving cookbook is not still my favorite. I just should have followed directions better.

Does anyone else not follow a recipe exactly and then realize later there was a reason it was done in such a way?


  1. Oh yeah, and sometimes I don’t learn from my mistakes.

  2. Funny! Of course we eat most of my mistakes in some method. Try adding them to a chutney.


  3. Yep, same type of thing happened – oh and while we’re on recipe’s don’t try pickling radishes …. bad bad idea…

    you could make a relish……


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