Pretend Sesame Peanut Noodles

Pretend I posted a nice retro recipe here today. I really would but we had a decidedly un-retro dinner–cucumber dumplings, sushi rice, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, veggie potstickers, sesame noodles. Now all of those are retro somewhere I am sure but aren’t here. Interestingly after being the sole eater of cold sesame noodles for year, the 13 yo has joined me in the fetish for them.

No recipe for sesame noodles really. Cook pasta of choice-whole grain spaghetti works well, as does leftover rice noodles, soba noodles, etc. Toss with sesame oil, a bit of rice wine vinegar, a dollop of peanut butter, a bit of garlic, toasted sesame seeds,  some red pepper flakes or Rooster sauce, you can throw in a jar of drained pimentos or some chopped green onions. Both are nice.

In any case, if you would like to hear me ramble about talking to teens or would like to win $200.00…then go over to my brand new review blog, read more about my teens and nefarious plots to get them to talk. One of which is of course, making them kitchen grunt.


  1. This sounds very good and easy. I am trying to come up with more easy lunch options and this will fit the bill. Thanks.

  2. It is easy and there are a million recipes on the internet for them but I just end up playing with them because the recipe I started with was on the back of a bag of “salad pasta” when I lived in Oregon and included chicken. That recipe is the taste in my head and one I never quite get but most of the time I can now get one that is close.

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