Fudge Pie

In my post on recipes and love songs,(you know the one, the keynote, you can see everyone and not just mine here at Blogher) I mentioned a fudge pie. I have meant to post it for quite some time (and now related posts has reminded me that the fudge pie is indeed here on this blog already.) and to introduce my children to the joys of drowning sorrows in chocolate…in that particular familial chocolate. Yes, I know, eating disorders, emotional eating and whatever. It also is about mommies and love and distraction. I just haven’t been able to put my fingers on it. Yes, I know where it is approximately, maybe. But, coming up with it has proved elusive. Maybe the right teen crisis hasn’t occurred? Or maybe it is that it wanted to elude my own stress.

In any case, my sister with her almost brand new blog, had a crisis. Like me, she keeps busy when worried. So, what does she think of? Well among other things, Fudge Pie.

Note: If you are out of unsweetened baking chocolate, you can use the oil/cocoa substitution.

But, really, the recipe cures many a woe or lightens it. Magic. Especially when shared.


  1. Of course I thought of fudge pie. I also thought of pimento cheese spread but didn’t remember Mama ever making pimento cheese spread at 3 in the mornig while a teenage girl sat at the top of the basement stairs crying on the phone,

  2. I made fresh pimento cheese last week. No money. No eggs. No lunch fixings. Block of cheese. Pimento cheese.

  3. I am sooo in deep awe of women like you.
    And I have zero problem admitting I don’t cook but I totally appreciate those who do and this just sounds yum.
    Pie…I heard of. πŸ™‚ I grew up rather south of the south (Miami) and we didn’t see too much pie there…more like anything frozen to cool us off….popsicles..mango anything (slush, icecream) sherbet was a biggie….cake very rare b/c icing melted…pie just probably took too long or heated up the already warm kitchens too much. But yum to the idea of fudge pie. am writing this down (okay. laugh. i highly doubt i’m the ONLY blogger who ‘writes notes’ from keeper blogs. Um. yeah). πŸ˜‰ thanks for this possibility….

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