Community, BlogHer and My Child

Ok, I owe a BlogHer wrap up post. I know. But, there are an increasing number of people who think I really owe the doctor a call. I am ignoring them for a bit. I am also ignoring the real wrap up post and the fact that this is a food blog.

Because, my daughter, Rebecca,

RJ at BlogHer

RJ at BlogHer

wrote this post: Blogher: there really isn’t anything I can say to describe it. Really.

This is the daughter that could mimic the AOL “You’ve got mail!” before she could really talk. This is the daughter who spent a childhood overhearing mutterings about terms and conditions, terms of service, and about all the world of online community has to offer…both the good and the bad. Click Michelle just read her post and I said to her that my kid knows community. She replied “Of course, she’s been raised with it like Cheerios.”  I suppose she has, but I also know that what parents do for a living remains mystical to children.

The mushy part at the end of the post…of course is sweet.

The part though that got me:

“I felt like a part of a community, a family, a group with one unifying cause. At the community Keynote, I sat next to perhaps the most inspiring woman, besides my mother, that I had ever met (she knows who she is), and I told her that, coming into blogging, I was concerned that I wouldn’t stand out, that there would be a million bloggers just like, or better than me. But, I continued, coming to Blogher, I realized that no one could be exactly the same as anyone else. Like stars in the sky, we each have a different light, and we each illuminate the world in a different way.   Whether we be mommy bloggers, life bloggers, book bloggers, or “miscellaneous un-life” bloggers, we each touch the blogging community and serve to make it better.”

That is what I want to take out of BlogHer. That is what I want to take out of BlogHer Con every year. That is what keeps me in online community year after year after year. That is what I want each of you to know about participating in online community-whether as a blogger, lurker, forums, groups, or message board person. Find and keep that magic. Make it brighter.

Yes, Rebecca, it is community. You are beautiful. BlogHers and BlogHims are beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of that again.

Thanks to each of you who took the time to spend with her this very busy weekend and for all of you out there who have helped us raise this amazing child, whether you knew you were part of her life or not.

And Rebecca, your blog is you and should be your love song FOR you. To share, to be that light, to invite more light and to remind yourself of who you are, who you were, and who you will be. Your heart has sung its love song to me since before you were born and every single day since…you becoming the person you can and want to be is all the love song I need to hear. That goes for your siblings as well, all of them.

This love is like mercury splitting off endlessly every time I try to nail it down. Anything, anywhere I would give everything I own away. Always I will sing picturing you singing right back to me  ~Melissa Ferrick (and of course, the song I so oft quote to you, mean for you, and sing with you)


  1. That whole sappy mommy part was very sweet, and very RJ, but the moment of pride comes in the paragraph that you pulled from her post.

    That’s it.

    The kid nailed it.

    And anyone who doesn’t feel that way is just plain doing it wrong.

  2. Fancy meeting Denise here. But I agree, how wonderful to realize that you are your own unique bright lightat a young age as well. I could do with that reminder be that about blogging or many other things in my life.
    And yes, it is wonderful to hear your daughter say such wise words.

  3. shellykaye says:

    I agree with Denise, RJ nailed it and it was a beautifully written piece I read it yesterday I’ll go over later sometime today and comment on her’s as well I was feeling way under the weather yesterday to make too many comments :).

    Glad you guys had fun at blogher!

  4. Wow. I am finally getting around to reading everyone’s post and watching the videos. Was Rebecca the one with the gorgeous red hair? Her blog post was amazingly insightful and touching. I’m so happy to be discovering all these wonderful new people!

  5. Once again I am in awe of the expressive abilities of my sister and my beautiful niece. RJ is amazing. But apples don’t fall from the tree and her mom is pretty amazing too!!

    I am just now getting into the online community and RJ’s post meant a lot to me personally.

    And Tarrant’s keynote speech was amazing – Thank you Denise for posting it.

  6. JD-Rebecca has either blonde, brown, red or as I tend to call it spun gold hair.

    Here…will add a pic to post.

  7. I loved this. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, and I have read a LOT of things. I’m crying all over my keyboard. How is it that you always make me do that?

  8. You’ve done a great job and should be proud mom! Wow!

    BTW: I uploaded video of my twins taken during their surgery. First I’m proud of the accomplishment that turned out to be, but second, I could watch the video all day long. It’s amazing the love we have for our kiddos, even before they are born.

  9. Better watch that crying over the keyboard…it does bad things to keyboards. 😉

  10. Wow – that was your kid? She is amazing. But you already knew that.

  11. I cried like a big baby at your keynote…and I’m really not ashamed to say it. It was wonderful TW. You looked great too…but I told you all that when I saw you. At least I had Denise next to me for support….and one lousy piece of kleenex. My girls were sharing a nice big hankerchief. When I looked back at Rebecca, I knew I needed more kleenex…Oh Poop.

  12. You know, if you ever get tired of her we’ll take her off our hands for a bit. Just send her across the border. Really.

  13. Oh Joy. You knew you would be weepy before you got there and I am glad you were there right up front!

    Mr Sassymonkey might get tired of her pretty quick, especially if we send her with the flip.

  14. Okay, everybody was crying over her post, and now I’m crying over your post! You people must have stock in tissues!

  15. What a bright daughter you have! She hit the nail right on the head with that paragraph. While I LOVE that a few others enjoy reading my blog, I do it for ME and only me, otherwise it’s not enjoyable.

    Keep on blogging Tarrant and RJ!

  16. I loved her post. You should be very proud!

  17. Hi, your daughter is delightful, charming, and witty, and I had NO BLOODY IDEA she was only 13 when I sat next to her at lunch. When she told me about 15 minutes later – after I’d been dropping all kinds of words I do NOT drop around minors – I was shocked.

    My mouth filter immediately went from NC-17 to PG and I was quite embarrassed by the whole thing, though Rebecca graciously assured me that she’s heard far worse. Nevertheless, I am pretty hardcore about not swearing around kids.

    And yes, my blog is NOT safe for children, so even though I truly enjoyed talking to her about vampire novels and vampire movies, and just books in general, she IS banned from my blog for 5 years.

    Not that I really have the power to keep her away, but I’m praying she will.

    And you? Loved meeting you, brief as it was, and loved the red dress reading. Awesome.

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