Getting to Know You-BlogHer Style

I suppose I should introduce myself for any BlogHers I meet this week or all of you I won’t meet this week. I am tempted to point you all back to my 10 Seconds post from 2007 when I introduced myself. It is all still pretty much true except my Runescape stats have seriously dropped in the past two years.

Ok, here goes:

The basics-My name is Tarrant. Pronounced Tare-ant. My mother will tell you it is just a family name and means nothing. Indeed it is a family name and I am the 10th generation stuck blessed with it. Baby name things will tell you it is of Welsh (though some say Gaelic) origin and means Thunder.

Some people-a lot of people who have known me online call me TW. No my middle initial is not W. It came from Denise, (Yes, THIS DENISE) my partner, referring to me as “That woman I am seeing” and then shortening it to Thatwoman, finally TW.

I will be speaking at BlogHer this year as part of the Community Keynote. No, Denise wasn’t on the judging panel and would have undoubtedly chosen someone else.

We have 6 children, permanent baby fever (at least until we think a moment about what it would take and what it would mean to have another child at our age.). The oldest three are grown ups (or think they are, even though they are still our babies.) and don’t live with us. These are “The Big Kids” though two of the younger set are taller and out-weigh the older set.

The younger three live with us. These are known collectively as “The Little Kids” even though none of them is little anymore–15, 13, and just about to turn 11. Two of them will be attending BlogHer this year. The 15 yo went in 2007 and has pined to go back since. The 13 year old has been begging since then too. The almost 11 yo wanted to go-badly-but isn’t quite old enough. (or young enough to go as a BlogHer baby.)

My mother moved in with us at the end of December for what was to be a 6 week find an apartment for her and my younger sister. My sister had a stroke as the plane landed in Chicago and will never be able to leave a skilled nursing facility (She had a number of health problems already). My mother can not care for herself on her own, so I am now a full-time caregiver. (Woo Hoo! Sandwich generation!) This also means I spend a few hours every weekend visiting my sister in the nursing home.

I am butchy, (but can rock the right dress), knit, cook, make the bed. Denise cleans and keeps us on track.

I work from home in online community for a major health website. It is a job I wanted for years and one I love.

I blog here more regularly than anywhere else, though I also blog at and when the spirit moves me. I should blog more often everywhere. I could be fabulous at it.


  1. Hi, Tarrant! I put up a “Get to Know Me” blog post on BlogHer, which THAT DENISE linked to in one of HER posts. ANYway, I’m very happy to learn more about you and am looking forward to meeting you and hearing you read at BlogHer. See you in the Green Room!

  2. Hi JD! You do things so I don’t have to! I can’t wait to meet you.

  3. How simply delightful! Always heard about “TW” so glad I found you on Twitter and here on your blog. Good reading makes my world goo around! Thank you!

  4. 🙂 Nice to see you House!

  5. Happy to have met you – and to have filled in the gaps by reading this back story.

    You did rock the keynote – and I was one of the people who complimented you afterwards. 🙂

  6. Yes, rock that dress, you did! I didn’t meet you at BlogHer, but I did meet your sweet daughter; she’s a delight. Her card led me to her blog, and then to yours. I’m enjoying these Getting to KNow Me posts AFTER the fact. it makes it a lot easier, having seen the person IRL. Great job on you speech; you, too, are a delight 🙂

  7. Thank you Magpie and Mrs4444.

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