Guns and Bullets

With my mother living here, Denise has been opened to a whole new world of metaphors, colloquilisms, etc. Some unique to my mother. Yes, she googles them.

Last night, as I griped about eating peanut butter on a leftover hot dog bun the night before…I happened to mention that my mother would make “Guns and Bullets” with hot dogs. (a dish I actually mostly hated) She was sure this was something my mother made up as a title for…pork and beans served with hot dogs. (no buns) I protested that no, this is what my father called it…that it must be an Indiana thing or a military thing. Military wouldn’t have worked on her…daughter of one branch, ex-wife to another. Like S.O.S. I protested.

In any case, when I asked my mother about the name as a child, I remember her explaining that the hot dogs were to represent the guns, the beans the bullets.

She proceeded to Google it. No dice. The search terms you would think to use…not choice when looking for discussion of convenience meals of really cheap food. Believe me, I checked. S0, I told her I would blog it so there would be at least one reference to it on the internet.

Here you go:

Guns and Bullets

Enough hot dogs for your family. Open enough cans of pork and beans (or veggie baked beans if you are vegetarian). Heat hot dogs. Heat pork and beans. You can even heat the hot dogs IN the pork and beans if you want. Serve on plate, slice of buttered white bread on the side optional.

So…if anyone else’s family called them guns and bullets…please comment so I don’t really think my family is a freak show without a tent more than I already do.


  1. We had these too, only they were called beans and weenies. My husband loves them. I can eat them, but would rather not.

  2. My grandma made em, but I cannot imagine her ever calling them guns and bullets. She was far too proper, or too much of a prude… you choose.

    I didn’t know what SOS was til Jr. High although I think I’d eaten it before.

    I like your idea, if you can’t find it online, put it there for others to find!

  3. Rochelle says:

    We used to serve this at our day care center. We cut the hot dogs up and called it beany weeny. The kids always liked it. Guns and bullets is a fun name, I wonder how many hits you will get on this post.

  4. I lived in Indiana for a few years, which is far from making me native — but when my daughter was served these at pre-school and by a close family friend, they called that dish beany weenies.

    Apparently they were once called “cigar butts in gallstone sauce” in Calvin & Hobbes, according to my spouse — guns and bullets is more appetizing than that, at least!

  5. As a native Hoosier, yep, weiners and bean. Along with grilled pbj’s, fried baloney sandwiches, and ironed “grilled” cheeses (wrapped in tin foil of course so as to not ruin the iron.)

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