Rainbow Toss

This past weekend we went to a Pride Festival that was a bust but on the way home from it we passed a…VINTAGE KITCHEN store!

From a 1958 Good Housekeeping Cookbooklet Hamburger and Hot Dog Cookbooklet purchased there…it seems appropriate to share the Rainbow Toss recipe first…really a macaroni salad. Ok if you see the circus tent illustration and think of the combo of sliced hot dogs and rainbow tossing…maybe too camp to even consider.

Hey, what can you expect? I have been sitting at the hospital since early morning with a mother who is having a really tough time and could use your prayers and good thoughts. Or I could. Or both of us. Or just all of us. So many people have so much more going on in their lives this week.

Rainbow Toss

1 8-oz pkg elbow macaroni, cooked, chilled
1 teasp salt
1 cup sliced celery, cut on angle
3/4 cup diced, pared cucumbers
1/3 c minced green peppers
1/4 c minced onion
1/4 cup sliced stuffed olives
1/4 c liquid drained from olives
4 chopped, hard-cooked eggs
1 cup cooked salad dressing
1 lb franks, thinkly sliced diagonally
2 teasp. prepared mustard
1/8 teasp pepper.

Mix macaroni with rest of ingredients. Toss well; refrigerate until chilled. Makes 8 servings.


  1. I have that cook booklet! I actually have the binder that all the booklets go into, and it’s full of booklets. My SIL found it at a yardsale for almost nothing, and I was so infatuated with it, she just gave it to me. Those are some great recipes!

  2. 🙂

  3. Thinking lots of good thoughts for everyone. *hugs*

    Also, love how the franks need to be sliced diagonally.

  4. Rochelle says:

    I recently got the whole set of those cookbooks on eBay, including the index but alas not the binder. I hope your Mother is doing better. Mine has been in and out of the hospital four times in the last two weeks. It is so stressful to the whole family isn’t it.

  5. *hugs* Thinking of you and your family.

  6. Packrat says:

    Prayers for you and your mom!

  7. very good site. nice recipe, i like this.

  8. Thanks everyone. She is home…but still lots of tests.

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