We are THAT LGBT Family

June has arrived and with it the annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day. What? Why would you run into this on such a normal food blog? you may be asking. The blogger here has a family with lots of kids. The blogger is conservative. She likes dresses, babies, and crockpots for goodness sake. She bakes and makes meatloaf! She takes care of her elderly mother.

Just in case you have missed it…the blogger here is a lesbian. Yes, a lesbian, with a blended family of six kids (3 “hers” and 3 her “partner’s”), my aging mother, a couple of dogs, a bird, a betta fish, and a lot of cookbooks.

Yes, we look like the family next door except for the three adult women and no adult men living here. We grocery shop. We read books. We stress over making ends meet, shopping frugally, and raising good kids. We tell our children to clean their rooms and do their homework. We might have been sitting down the row from you at the children’s concerts or their plays. You wouldn’t have noticed us, unless you noticed the child being hugged by two or three mommies and a daddy after the event. Yes, our kids have a father in their lives. The younger kids more so, because they are younger after all. (The three older kids all are over 18 and don’t live at home anymore.) Or did you see us at graduation? Our 19 yo graduated from college last month. Did you see us when our oldest daughter got married? She married a handsome, hard-working young man in March.

We love our children and each other. Tremendously.

The children’s view on our relationship? 13 yo’s obsession with simile and things that go together sums it up: “You and Denise go together like peanut butter and jelly, like macaroni and cheese.”

We are a very lucky family and a happy family. We are a GLBT family.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your family. Your 19 y.o. graduated from college? Wow! That’s impressive. But I am puzzled that the related posts are about plumped raisins and french dressing.

  2. ROCK ON! Nothin’ better than good ol’ mac-n-cheese…

  3. I applaud you. I spwnt my high school years living with my mom, stepdad and homosexual uncle. No biggie for me. No biggie for most of my friends.

    But wow, some of them had a hard time at first. Mostly men! lol! Mt gilfriends BF’s. But once they met my uncle, things were different.

    I’ve been reading you blog for a long time. I’m so happy you let your readers know. Family, is family, is family, Love, is love, is love.

  4. Dee-She did dual enrollment through her last two years of high school with the community college, so she got her AA. She is continuing onto her bachelor’s in the fall.

    Who knows what makes the related posts pop from the widget. I was mystified as well.

    Thanks Erica and Kim.

  5. I’m glad you are willing to share this with a readership that may include some not very open minded people.

    I had no clue that you were homosexual. We do kind of all stereo-type housewife types as being straight and right-wing. I shouldn’t since I’m a housewife and while I am straight, I’m an environmentalist, Libertarian, and overall not your “normal” housewife lol.

    Again thanks for being willing to share!!

  6. Thanks Lisa. I can be a bit right-wing, moreso than most people guess.

    🙂 Thanks.

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