Recipe for Tired

Yes, I know, you want a real recipe. Maybe some Jell-o with vegetables or a tuna casserole with say pineapple. Sorry. I don’t have one tonight. I just have a recipe for tired:

Wake up at 6 am after a rough night of sleep
Start work. Work hard until 9 am because things are going really well at work.
Go grab coffee
Come home
Make muffins (from a mix)
Hand out meds and muffin
Work hard
Update health info and list of questions to ask mother’s doctor
Work Hard…though with tech difficulties
Help mother shower and hand out more meds while working hard
Insist on her lunch
Tell her to finish dressing. Explain yes, you mean now because it is just an hour away from appt.
Have her insist it is in 30 min.
Take a shower yourself (because you have started your period early and shouldn’t go to the appt with her with stained pants on)
Drag wheelchair, paperwork, books, snacks, knitting out to car
Help mother out to car with walker
Drive to doctor-hit every light
Attend doctor appt
Take notes
Take mother to grocery store
Get home
Work REALLY hard because you are going on vacation the next day.
Make dinner
Work REALLY hard because you are going on vacation the next day.
Look for mislaid debit card because mother is having anxiety attack even though you know it is in the house.
Hand out meds
At this point stick a toothpick under eyelids to see if you are tired yet. If not, pack, clean, move tv, set up meds for while you are on vacation, etc.

Rinse and Repeat.


  1. i can certainly appreciate the way you write,great post!

  2. Rochelle says:

    You certainly have your hands full being the caretaker for your Mom. I hope you have a relaxing vacation.

  3. Thanks Twenga and Rochelle.

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