Philly Cheese Steak

We ordered in tonight. I have a phone meeting tonight. I have had a day at work. My mother has been a bit down. So, we ordered in. What did we end up ordering? Well, veggie kabobs, broasted fries, sweet potato fries, and a Philly Cheese Steak. Now, I should know better than ordering in on such a day or any day. I particularly should not order in anything I can make myself. Better.

This includes Philly Cheesesteaks. Now I know that I am about to be heretical and describe a non-authentic Philly cheesesteak. I know this thing that came slathered in Whiz is more authentic perhaps. But, such is life and it is my retro food blog.

I grew up eating Philly cheesesteaks in Maryland. Our sub shop of choice was Corky’s Subs in Severna Park. (No longer there, sigh)  The steak sub there was lovely and the ideal set up in my head. Here is how you make it.

Get a proper sub roll. This is truly the hardest part…soft but a bit of chew to it. Grab yourself a box of Steak-Umms and throw a couple in your skillet and fry them up until done. It really does help if instead of a skillet you use a grill with industrial strength grease, but home cooks have little in the way of options. Use those first two to give to the family members who won’t want comes next.

Saute sliced mushrooms and onions (and sliced green bell pepper) in the grease leftover from those first two steaks. Slide to the side of the pan or throw on a plate or your mise-en-place bowl. Cook up another two steaks. Throw the mushrooms and onions on top. Top with provolone. Allow to provolone to melt. Slide on to the sliced roll (with mayo already on if you really want to do it up). Then…the other tricky ingredient-Hots. These can be impossible to find depending on where in the country you live. B & G makes a hot chopped pepper that will do, but also is a hard condiment to find in some geographical areas.

In any case, hold the mushrooms, peppers and onions for some of my family and the Steak-Umms for the vegetarians, but it turns into a meal that my family enjoys.

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