On boiling pasta

We are shifting to a healthier lifestyle here. Oh, who am I fooling? We are cooking some healthier meals but errr we slip a lot. In any case, I pulled out my Jack Sprat cookbook…a lovely retro 1973 cookbook for a healthy heart. There will be more on this later.

Something caught my eye though…the suggestion that 2 cups of pasta should be cooked in two cups of water. Covered. I immediately pictured all the pans that would get thrown out if I did such a thing. I think I will continue to “throw nutrients out with the cooking water” instead of throwing the pot out with burned pasta.

Tell me…do you ever boil pasta in so little water that it is all absorbed at your house?


  1. I’ve done the exact-water method with rice and barley, but never with pasta. (Honestly, I’d never even THOUGHT of it, even though rice and pasta both cook the exact same way. How silly!)

    Someday if I am feeling extremely ambitious and/or bored, I will calculate how much (or, more likely, how little) energy is wasted by not being absorbed by the pasta. I’m fairly sure that you don’t lose many nutrients, considering pasta’s pretty much only carbohydrates 🙂

  2. (I don’t think I’ve commented here before.) The only pasta that really works cooked that way is the tiny pasta used in soups. I really don’t recommend that cooking method. The pasta stays tough or gets really soggy. Might work for say a handful of pasta.

  3. Welcome Sue!. I have done ditalini in just a bit of water but still more than that and still drain. I am wondering if the ramen/water ratio in this house is similar…still chancy I think.

  4. Rochelle says:

    I only did it once when I was attempting to make a homemade “helper” type dish. It worked OK but I don’t think I would do it if I was going to serve it with a separate sauce.

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