Grilled Cheese Month

The Chicagoist has reminded me that it is National Grilled Cheese Month. Yay! We love grilled cheese with a passion at this house.

These days, I am making a lot of grilled cheese with a spray of Pam and some reduced fat cheeses. However, the family favorite is American cheese, white bread and a nice spread of Country Crock margarine. Some in the family like a bit of mustard on that sandwich.

Then I have made exotic grilled cheese from a Grilled Cheese cookbook with my son. He…was not fond of my grilled cheese sandwiches for years and would ask Denise to make them. Thus the cookbook came into our life and a whole realm of fancy grilled cheese.

On the other hand…I like a nice grilled cheese with cheddar and tomato. Maybe a thin slice of onion. Mmmm…and of course, bacon can go nicely on some grilled cheese sandwiches.

Ah well.. Happy Grilled Cheese Month!


  1. Oh now this pregnant lady thinks she must have a grilled cheese or life will be over! Guess that will be dinner tonight!

  2. Rochelle says:

    One is never too old for a good grilled cheese sandwich! I love them and have one at least once a week. Sometimes I will put a slice of thin ham lunchmeat in them. I didn’t know there was a grilled cheese cookbook. Sounds interesting.

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