A Favorite of the President

The problem with retro recipes is sometimes something gets a name…and you don’t know who it refers to and many a day can be spent wondering about “Dottie’s Best Cake” or “Herbert’s Squirrel Stew” or “Elma’s Russian Tea.” Ok, it isn’t a problem…it is delightful. It is also delightful to flip through a cookbook or recipes and see “A Favorite of the President” as the title of the recipe. Which president? The PTA president? The church president? The President of the United States? How do we know this was a favorite?

On the other hand, what is not to be a favorite here. Cheese. Hard boiled eggs. Pimentos. RITZ Crackers. Works for me.

A Favorite of the President

1 cup Ritz cracker crumbs
2 c. medium white sauce
1/2 lb New York State Cheese
1 can pimentos, 7. oz mashed
4 hard boiled eggs, grated

In a greased baking dish, 8 x 8 x 2 inches place a layer of the rolled cracker crumbs and moisten well with half the cream sauce. Add a layer of cheese, then a layer of pimento. Top with layer of eggs. Repeat the layers again, make sure the crumbs are well moistened or the pudding (err casserole) will be dry. Top with bread crumbs, buttered and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes. Serves 8

Mrs Cameron Montgomery
St John’s Women’s Auxiliary Cookbook, 1958


  1. Oh my. I canNOT stop laughing at the title of this casserole. So vague!

    Secondly, I’ve never tried grating a hardboiled egg. Do I need special equipment for this? A mandolin or something? Wouldn’t a hardboiled egg just go to mush if I tried it on my box grater?

  2. Welcome 3Z-P!

    You could use a Mouli type of grater. or one designed for parmesan at the table. Your box grater would work but it is difficult. I tend to just take a fork to them or julienne them or throw them in the handy chopper and chop fine.

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