Explosively Good Chicken

Ok this recipe is really called Kathy’s Delicious Whole Slow Cooker Chicken.

It is called explosively good because well, we have a little microwave. It doesn’t defrost very well and the chicken was frozen this morning. I ran it through the defrost, but it wasn’t quite defrosted enough to stick in the slow cooker. If I was oven cooking it, I would have shrugged and stuck it in the oven, but I wasn’t. I hit the button to defrost some more, but I think perhaps I forgot to hit defrost. 10 min later I had a mess in the microwave-thus the explosive. You can skip that part.

We had it for dinner tonight. The kids LOVED it. They want it again. I doubled the broth part because I was worried it wouldn’t be enough in my big crockpot-things often aren’t. I didn’t need to worry. I also skipped the skinning the chicken part. I put it breast side down in the crockpot for most of the cooking, then turned it over about an hour before I served it. It wasn’t necessary but shrug. I did.

I served it with rice on the side and ladled a bit of the juice/sauce over the top of that and vegetables. In any case, the family loved it. It made for a delicious chicken-y scent in the house too. We walked in from a busy day and dinner smelled yummy.

It made a nice busy day dinner and a nice change of pace from our usual roasted chicken.

Thanks to KathyP100 for a fab recipe for my family.


  1. I haven’t made a whole chicken in the slow cooker for a long time. Thanks for reminding me it can be done. Next time I will try this recipe, it sounds yummy. I have punched the wrong button on the microwave too.

  2. According to the site, chicken ‘pieces’ should be used instead of a whole chicken. And NEVER put frozen meat into a crockpot to cook.
    Was surprised at this, but it gave a test to make sure your crockpot gets up to temp..
    Look at the site and then scroll down the left side to ‘slow cookers’ for the info.
    I subscribed to their food safety recall notices. Find this very helpful to be up to date on all recalls.

  3. sorry, the site is,

  4. BombshellBella says:

    Great website! Glad I found it!

  5. I always have lofty aspirations of making a slow cooker chicken…the house will smell all yummy…and then I forget how long that sucker needs to cook, and end up doing it in the oven anyway.

    I’ll get there one of these days. 🙂

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