Pecan Crust Mince Pie

So, I begin my week of pecan pies. When my daughter was picking out the recipes for November, she mentioned there were a lot of pecan pies. Then she looked at me a bit confused. I don’t make pecan pies. Her great, great grandmother did. Her grandmother did. But, no, not I.

I do however, like mincemeat pie. Sadly, no one in my family will join me in eating such a thing. Here is a combination of the two types. This recipe from my favorite brand of mincemeat. (other than if my mother suddenly manages to lose a good 35 years of age and health problems and made a bit of her own mincemeat)

Unfortunately, this recipe calls for something that doesn’t exist anymore, sticks of pie crust mix. (or does it?) You will just need to make your own pie crust or use the more modern mix from Betty Crocker.

Pecan Crust Mince Pie

2 sticks Betty Crocker Instant Mixing Pie Crust Mix
1 cup pecan halves
28-oz jar none such mincemeat

Heat oven to 425 (hot) Take 1/2 cup pecan halves and chop finely. Mix pastry as directed on package–except add chopped pecans with the water. Line pan as directed for two-crust pie. Spread mince meat in prepared pan. Arrange remaining 1/2 cup pecan halves over mince meat. Cover with top crust. Cover edge with strip of aluminum foil, remove 15 min before end of baking time. Bake 40-45 minutes. Cool slightly before serving.


  1. sounds simple and tasty! why no pecan pie?

  2. It seems like people really like mincemeat or hate it. I remember my daughters first boyfriends comment when he tasted it, “disgusting”. I think it is a little old fashioned, but I like it. The layer of nuts would add a nice crunch.

  3. I don’t think the “pie mix sticks” exist…but they do have instant pie crust mixes. Search for Double Pie Crust Mix on King Arthur Flour’s website and you’ll find it.

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