Pumpkin Fettucine

Thanks again to Passionate Vegetarian and Crescent Dragonwagon* for another excellent meal. I made the Pasta with Pumpkin recipe last night and it was well-received. All sorts of nice beta-carotene vitamins, a bit of a different quick and easy recipe.
Here is what you do: Start some water on to boil and then toss your fettucine noodles in it while you peel a small pumpkin. Yes…a SMALL pumpkin…1-2 lb. This is the hardest part. (Does anyone have pumpkin peeling tips by the way?)  Slice it in long narrow strips. I think the recipe said 1/3 inch strips. I used the mandolin on the thick slice which is probably much thinner than that. I don’t know. Saute the strips for a few minutes. Then toss some garlic in…I used about 1 1/2 tsps of the chopped “jar” garlic. Stick a lid on the pan, I tossed a bit of water in it from the boiling noodles too. Cook for about 5 minutes until pumpkin is tender. (and your noodles should be done by this point as well) Drain the noodles. Dump them back in the pot you boiled them in. Mix in pumpkin and some fresh grated parmesan. (yes, use fresh grated this time–by the way I found quite the deal on inexpensive parmesan at a grocery store that focuses on mainly imported foods from Europe)  Add some salt and pepper.  Serve. That is it.  Super quick, simple and a nice change of pace.

Note: this is very, very filling.

*By the way, if you are at all a corn bread fan or corn fritter fan or anything with corn meal–the Cornbread Gospels ROCKS-she sent me a copy and I am definitely going to talk more about it–though I would have even if I bought it.


  1. That sounds different but good. Maybe you could microwave the pumpkin for a short time to make it easier to peel. I know people do that with squash to make it easier to cut. I have been wanting to get the Cornbread Gospels. I belong to a cookbook group and several members were enthusiastic about the book.

  2. It was good! It was also good reheated the next day in the microwave. I might also have,it in just a second, for lunch today.

  3. I haven’t tackled pumpkin peeling, but I know that making butternut squash became a lot easier since I started taking a sturdy potato peeler to the skin. It takes some muscle and patience but is much easier (and safer) than using a knife.

  4. This is one of the more original pumpkin recipes I’ve run across. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to give it a try…. although peeling a pumpkin doesnt sound too fun. 🙂

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