Kids Coming!

The “big kids” are coming for their mother’s birthday. Two of them anyway. Of course, this has kicked me into feed them well before they go away again to their apartments not filled with mommy love foods.  Girl child anticipated this and has put in her requests for things I should make while she is here. They are hashbrown casserole and my specialty. sigh. Thousands of meals I make and these are the two that my children think of when it comes down to what mommy cooks. There is also the eggs Benedict that a subset of the children think deserves to be served at every notable occasion.

I sigh…but know these are the dishes I will make this weekend. Then while thinking on it I realized that my mother faced the same thing. When I came home after living on my own, I requested things like scrapple, grits with tomato gravy, pancakes (though she nearly always burned a number of them), and aye, my mother’s eggs Benedict. I wanted her ham, her potato salad, a few stuffed eggs and some angel biscuits. Maybe, if I was there long enough, her pan fried hamburgers-simple lumpy things that I hated as a child because they weren’t like the ones on tv or magazines.
What did you want to eat when you went “home” after you moved away?


  1. At first I was a vegetarian so when I came home from college, there wasn’t much. Although my mom did make an awesome vegetarian stuffing that was cooked outside the bird. Also Better than Sex Salad. That stuff was/is so good.

    After I was married and started eating meat, it was Chicken with Mandarin Oranges and Almonds served with broccoli and cheese (not cheddar but melted velveeta) on the side. I finally made the chicken recipe myself this past month.

  2. My mom’s turkey pot pies. She made them individually sized and froze them by the dozen. I haven’t had one in years. Also her seafood chowder. I always steal preserves from her – used to include jams but now is just pickles and homemade relish. And pie. I usually want strawberry or coconut cream but I’ll take whatever she’ll make. Biscuits because hers are always better than mine.

    She always wants me to make lasagna. Whenever she comes to visit me I’ll make her lasagna but she needs to make me pie.

  3. Both my parents can’t cook, well they cook but the results are err not great, so coming back home was never about comfort food.

  4. Biscuits and sausage gravy, chipped beef on toast, fried bread, buckwheat cakes. Breakfast things.

    As I was thinking about this subject last evening, I realized that my husband has made all of these dishes for me within the past couple of weeks. It’s especially nice because I only see my mother once a year, and she can’t cook any longer. My home cooking comes from a different home now, but it still has all of the foods that make it home.

  5. My mother made homemade perogis (spelling?). I just loved them, especially with sour cream. That is what I always wanted my mother to cook when I went back home.

  6. My mom’s fried potatoes. I kept trying to make them on my own and they always turned out soft and greasy, not crispy and brown like hers. 🙁

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