Retro Gourmet

My memories of Gourmet magazine come from…9th grade Home Ec. We had an assignment where we went through old Gourmet magazines and found a recipe to try at home. Tonight…look at what I discovered… Food Flashes…retro Gourmet Magazine columns.


  1. Cool. Ido and I went to New Orleans last year – I have no idea how it looked in the 50s but now it’s a bit rundown, and we only went to the French Quarter which was not affected much by hurricane Katrina?

    Back to the food, I didn’t care much for seafood gumbo but LOVED jambalaya (the seasoning was magical – reading this vintage article I’m realizing it was probably saffron that made it taste SO good) and I tried turtle soup – had to, it sounds so gross yet exotic (AND non-kosher!), tasted just like chicken soup so that was a bit of a let down.

    I love this retro stuff. Thank you.

  2. Ah, well, see, my mother lived in N.O. for a time and had relatives/friends who owned/were involved in some landmark restaurants in the area. I grew up knowing how to make jambalaya and gumbo and really I don’t like to eat either in restaurants.

    I also grew up knowing all sorts of delicious history of various restaurants in N.O.
    Commander’s Palace…sigh…my favorite sit down dining there. (Yes, I know, tourists. expensive. etc. But I sit there and it is transformed into the Commander’s Palace of Mama’s stories)
    Mother’s Restaurant…the Debris sandwich melts my heart years later just thinking about it. (of course, recent reviews of the place have not been great…so who knows.)

  3. We liked Commander’s Palace. Had brunch there. It was very festive and elaborate and the food was really good.

    Didn’t go to Mother’s Restaurant.

    Sounds like I should try homemade jambalaya
    (hint, hint).


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