Salad Days

It is National Take a Salad to Work Day. It is a little late to get started on a Jell-o salad to take to work, so how about a luncheon salad?

I have to say, I was NOT a carrot salad fan as a child. I have found though, I am more and more fond of carrot salads as I get older. They are a nice combo of sweet, nutritious, and savory.

This one, from Favorite Salad Recipes of America…You can easily eliminate or cut the amount of pecans or substitute almonds or antoher nut.

Luncheon Salad

6 fresh carrots, washed and scraped
6 hard-cooked eggs
1 cup pecans
1 sm. onion
salt to taste
6 soda cracker, crumbled (take some in a separate bag if packing for lunch)
6 lettuce leaves

Put carrots, eggs, pecans and onion through food chopper (food processor) using medium blade. (Or shred the carrots, mince the eggs, chop onion and pecans fine) Combine ground ingredients with salt and enough mayonnaise to hold mixture together in salad bowl. Add crackers just before serving. Serve on lettuce leaves. Egg yolks may be mashed instead of ground. Yield: 6 servings.


  1. I’ll give this a try. My great Aunt Sal used to make a ‘slaw’ with carrots and raisins in it. When we visited her as kids, we said we were on the way to Mayonnaise Land.

    But, since there’s no Mayo, this one looks like a winner!

    Thanks for the blog.

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